Exhaust pipes for Aprilia RSV4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KE KE1) 

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Ixil exhaust pipes for Aprilia RS V4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KE KE1)

The exhaust pipes for Aprilia RSV4 / Factory 1100 17-20 (KE KE1) were designed to offer some very outstanding features on your bike, such as:

  • You will exponentially improve the performance of your motorcycle, since Ixil exhaust pipes are designed and manufactured with high technology, and this has allowed a much more efficient flow of gases, which in the long run ends up resulting in an increase in power of the motorcycle
  • High quality constructions with which the Aprili RSV4 / Factory 1100 17-20 (KE KE1) exhaust pipes are made, high quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber, which offer a wide durability and resistance to any corrosive material, so that the useful life of the exhaust pipe is as long as possible.

Buy exhaust pipes RSV4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KE KE1) of Ixil.

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