Exhaust pipes for Aprilia TUONO V4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KG KG1) 

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Ixil exhaust pipes for Aprilia TUONO V4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KG KG1)

When we talk about the importance of manufacturing an exhaust pipe, we are talking about one of the main factors that will determine the good or bad performance of the motorcycle.

If you are looking for an exhaust pipe for your Aprilia TUONO V4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KG KG1) don't hesitate to trust Ixil exhaust pipes for Aprilia. The manufacturing details are taken to the maximum exponent, and for this reason we want to explain how these exhaust pipes are manufactured:

  • The first thing we consider is the design. It is where any manufacturing process of exhaust pipes for Aprilia begins. The design is worked on to meet all engineering and aesthetic requirements with fully assisted custom software to model and recreate the design.
  • The selection of materials is undoubtedly the second most important factor. If we are going to optimize our motorcycle, it is essential to include good quality materials with stainless steel and titanium, with aluminum alloys.
  • The exhaust pipes are made to measure for the motorcycle for which they are manufactured, so the cut must be done with a laser and shaped in specialized machines.
  • Component welding requires one technique or another depending on the material used for its manufacture.
  • The finishes tend to be mainly polished, brushed and other surface treatments added to make it look better, but also to positively influence corrosion resistance.
  • Accessories are attached to the exhaust pipe, such as mufflers or brackets, to ensure that the connections are compatible with the bike.

Without fail, the last and most important step is quality testing, which will help us
determine if the tailpipe meets the expectations that were implemented when
principle. Before leaving the factory, it undergoes strict tests for validation.

Buy exhaust pipes TUONO V4 / FACTORY 1100 17-20 (KG KG1) of Ixil.

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