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Waterproof motorcycle bags

The rain will no longer be an impediment to move and enjoy your motorcycle. Thanks to our range of Ixil waterproof backpacks we can say that our belongings will be safe during our trips. Ixil waterproof backpacks have everything you were looking for so that your backpack is prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions. The materials with which they are designed are fully studied to achieve that waterproofing and durability.

The advantages that you will enjoy with these Ixil waterproof backpacks are mainly:

IXIL waterproof backpacks have features and advantages such as:

· High waterproof capacity: the materials through which we manufacture our waterproof backpacks are highly qualified to resist adverse climates without water penetrating through the fabric or through the zipper slots. In humid climates they are also highly resistant.

· Hermetic closure: at Ixil we take into account the need for the closures (zippers, pockets, etc.) of the backpacks to be heat-sealed so that water does not penetrate.

· High storage capacity: not only do we want Ixil backpacks to be waterproof, but it is also important that they have high storage capacity to be able to make long trips with all the luggage you need.

· Safety and comfort: a factor that we value very positively when we spend hours on the road is that the backpacks we carry (whether they are fixed on the back or on the back) are comfortable and safe. Food is vital to be able to make long journeys and have full mobility to carry out maneuvers, but let's not forget how important the resistance and safety of these backpacks is. That the items inside are not at risk of being lost due to failures in the openings of the backpack is vital. Ixil waterproof backpacks enjoy a high level of security.

· Versatility and design: Apart from being extremely functional, we work hard on having a beautiful and elegant design. For this reason, you can also use them for your day-to-day or for your "non-biker" trips.

In summary, IXIL waterproof backpacks are a more than perfect option for motorcycle drivers who are looking for quality items for our motorcycle.

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It doesn't matter if you ride in the rain, snow, mud, sand or dust. Our motorcycle storage solutions are completely waterproof thanks to their watertight zipper and extremely resistant fabric to the elements.

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