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DB Killers

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The db killers are the recognized exhaust silencers that are mainly used to neutralize the sound that motorcycles give off during the combustion explosion. For this reason they are also known as noise suppressors or explosion silencers.

How do db killers work inside our exhaust pipe?

They generate an internal resonance chamber that agglomerates the vibrations and reduces the pressure of the gas found inside the exhaust system, thus directly affecting environmental noise.

Thanks to this system, apart from providing for the quality of noise on urban roads, we can comply with all current regulations associated with the release of gases from motorized vehicles and laws related to permitted noise emissions. With the db killers that Ixil offers, apart from complying with the majority of current jurisdictions, you will also notice
an improvement in the performance of your vehicle's engine. Therefore... they are all advantages!

When we talk about "free exhaust" we mean that the gas expulsion system of our motorcycle does not have any type of filter or restriction, so it is a design that will probably cause problems when passing the ITV, or may even to cause fines of up to €200 to the driver.

We will know quickly when a motorcycle does not have any noise suppression system, since if so, they are usually noisier motorcycles and with more strident sounds, also coming into play a matter that we can get more out of the speed and nerve of the vehicle .

Finally, we want to convey to you the great importance of buying a muffler for the motorcycle, since regulations are at stake that are increasingly being considered due to the high demand for vehicles with free exhaust.

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