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Motorcycle luggage

If you are used to making long journeys with your motorcycle, you will surely know the importance of feeling comfortable both with the handling of the same motorcycle and with your clothing or accessories. At Ixil we believe that the way we carry our luggage and the luggage itself are decisive factors that determine the quality of driving.

There are different types and formats of motorcycle luggage, among which we find bags, suitcases or other custom-designed luggage formats. Each luggage format defines the driver's need very well. The most common are:

· Tank bags for motorcycles: they are those that are placed on top of the motorcycle, just above the fuel tank. They are usually used to store small items that are easily accessible to the driver, such as keys, mobile, etc...

·Side bags for motorcycles: these are placed above the rear wheel, at the height of the passenger seat in the back. The buyer of side luggage for motorcycles is usually looking for a lot of storage space, since they are often used for travel and have more capacity.

· Luggage cases for motorcycles: It is usually the most used type of luggage, because most motorcycles allow its use comfortably. They are placed in the back of the motorcycle and most have a lot of storage space, in addition, it serves as a backrest for the co-pilot. The aerodynamics of this type of luggage is a matter that has been studied and worked on, since they tend to stand out a lot.

·Saddlebags for motorcycles: this type of motorcycle luggage is completely mounted on the sides of the motorcycle, and unlike the side bags, these are usually more in the format of a leather backpack with a zipper for motorcycles.

At Ixil we have different types of luggage, always thinking about the comfort and safety of both the driver and the passenger.
distintos tipos de equipaje, siempre pensando en la comodidad y seguridad tanto del conductor como del acompañante.

Ixil motorcycle luggage

Remember that it is essential that you choose luggage that really matches the motorcycle you are going to use, without forgetting the importance of distributing the load in an optimal way. Maintaining stability and balance on your motorcycle while riding is part not only of safe riding, but also of having a good experience. A load that is incorrectly placed or with an unstable weight can make it difficult to handle the motorcycle and consequently increase the risk of accidents.

Apart from this, do not forget to take into account that in case of bringing companions, the luggage should not interfere between you. Our luggage is designed in such a way that it does not compromise the maneuverability of the driver or the passenger.

The systems through which the luggage is attached to the motorcycle also have a great influence on driving and on the good development of the driver. Motorcycle luggage fixings must be robust, in order to ensure that the load is really attached to the luggage rack so that it does not move during the journey.

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