Exhaust pipes for Aprilia RS 660 21-23 (KS KV) 

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Exhaust pipes for Aprilia RS 660 21-2 3 (KS KV)

When you go to choose the exhaust pipe for your Aprilia RS 660 21-23 (KS KV) you must take into account different factors to ensure that you get the right exhaust. Some key points are:

  • Exhaust pipe compatibility: whichever you choose, always count on the main premise of compatibility. This must be specifically compatible with the model of your motorcycle, of course, not just any will do! For that, make sure with the motorcycle manufacturer that the specifications of this exhaust meet the requirements.
  • The materials and qualities of the construction: the manufacture of the Ixil exhausts are always made taking into account the quality of the materials used as a first premise, but not all manufacturers use the same ones. Stainless steel, carbon fiber or titanium are some of the most qualified materials for its correct operation.
  • Performance optimization: when we invest time and money looking for a part like an exhaust pipe, one of the reasons why we are going to opt for one or the other is going to be their ability to perform. This will determine the low or high power of the motorcycle and the nerve when accelerating.
  • Noise and sound: without a doubt, it is one of the points to consider when we talk about exhaust pipes. Aprilias are very practical and elegant motorcycles, so ensuring that the sound is beautiful is essential!

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