A perfect product for your trips and dairy life.

After months of hard work and dedication trying to develop and design the perfect product for all the motorbike riders, the new IXIL waterproof bags are finally in the market. Available in three different sizes, these bags will provide the rider the feeling of comfort and security they need in order to improve their riding experience. Its four fixing points and its four straps ensure a secure attachment. Furthermore, the product is thought to give the costumer the same experience despite the weather conditions as it is waterproof.

For those wondering if the company has a smaller products or a product that fits better with their needs…. The answer is YES! There is also available the new backpack in two different colors. This back it has been thought for those looking for something smaller for their day to day trips. It is also waterproof and and includes rear strips and two rings on each side to attach to the motorcycle or others.

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